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My name is Balkrishna Tamang. Friends call me "Bal" . My roots lies in Kakani, a beautiful village about 25 km North from the center of Kathmandu . A long time ago my father came to Kathmandu to find jobs and later on fell in love with my mom and in this way, I was born in Kathmandu .  As i grew up I started my career as a porter during which time I really got a chance to work with the people from every corner of the world and share Nepal's history, culture and nature with Visitors to Nepal and many of them became best friend of me ...


This was in the time when Hippie era was at the end . Doing so, I got in touch with many interesting visitors from all corners of the world. This positive working experience encouraged me to perceive further and in 1985 I succeeded in becoming a government licence guide! and In 2002 with the help of my best friends and we formed " Bal's Trek Club " For every man, woman or group, there are different needs Interests and demands spending time in Nepal. Let me assure you that Nepal is a very versatile country. Whether you're alone, a group or a family: I'm sure Nepal can meet your expectations. Please feel free to click one of the above buttons to navigate through some of the possibilities Nepal has to offer you. For personal advice please fill in the inquiry form.

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