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White water Rafting


Nepal is home for many world class rivers which offers exciting river rafting adventures . There are various grades of river rafting trips according your interest .Rafting trips in Nepal combines beautiful mountain scenery , traditional villages , along with whiter water rapids and its adventure . There are thousands of streams and rivers in Nepal but the Major big rivers are given as in below .

1. Trishuli River

Trishuli river is one of the major river in central Nepal . It originates from Tibet and most Popular river for white water rafting . 

2. Seti River

This river is one of the major river of western Nepal and rises from the twin peaks called Api and Nampa . when it arrived to Pokhara flows under the gorge . 

3. Bhote Koshi River

Bhote Koshi river is also originates from Tibet and lies in the middle eastern part of Nepal . It is one of the wild river having steepest gradient  .

4. Kali Gandaki River

Kali Gandaki river rises from the Tibetan Plateau and lies in the middle western part of Pokhara Gorge of this river is one of the deepest gorge of the world .

5. Marsyangdi River

This river rises from the northern base of mt Annapurna range and in the beginning it combines many glacial rivers such as Khangsar khola Jharsang khola and many more 

6. Sun Koshi River

This river originates from Tibet and lies in the eastern part of Nepal . one of the most famous river for rafting after Trishuli river

7. Arun River

This is trans boundary river and a part of Sapta koshi river system of Nepal . This river also originates from Tibetan plateau . 

8. Karnali River

Karnali river is one of the largest and longest river of Nepal and it lies in the far western part of the country . 

9. Tamur River

This river lies in the far eastern part of Nepal and originates from the base of the Kanchenjunga mountain  . 

River Grades

class 1 

Slower river current with no obstacles.

Class 2 and 3 

Fast flowing rivers with some obstacles medium sized rapids 

Class 4 

This section of rivers has  many Large waves requiring strong paddling with team work. 

Class 5 

rivers has  powerful   sections of rapids and big holes prefer to have  previous rafting experience.

Class 6

This section of the rivers  are considered to be almost Adventures so need previous rafting training . 


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