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Bhutan is a tiny land locked kingdom located in South Asia and the country is boderd in between China and India occupies the area of 38,394 square kilo meters . The country’s  lowest part is only about 100 meters above sea level and highest part of the country is 7500 meters above sea level. 

Before arrival of Buddhism people used to practice the Bonism similarly It is believed that Bhutan was inhabited about 4000 year ago . archeological evidencs indicates that the settlement in the country was settled dating back 2000 to 1500 BC and has many verity of culture as until five decade ago it was not in connection our world . Bhutanis also known as the ‘ land of Dragon ‘ and ‘ Happiest country of the world ‘ . 


Landscapes and geography kept each ethnic group in Bhutan separate and protected like wise 72 % of the country occupies green forest so you can see rich varieties of plants and animals . 


March to May is Spring in Bhutan and best time to visit as flowering trees and weather is crystal clear similarly June to August is summer and this time of year is also includes monsoon season , gets plenty of rain. This Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan was opened for outside world since 1960 .

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