16 Popular Camping trek in Nepal (Teahouses / Camping combined)

The opportunity to visit secluded and inaccessible regions is provided through Camping trek in Nepal. Undisturbed beauty and a joyful vilage life combined with their own culture and traditions may be fascinating and exceptional to experience.

Camping tours are one of the popular type of organized trekking. it requires all the necessary camping gear, food, and crew members. when there are no available tea houses or lodges.

Camping trek in nepal

Consider the fact that camping trek in nepal are frequently more expensive than teahouse treks.

Depending on your fitness level and desire, all of Nepal’s trekking areas allow for tented hikes. Some excursions are off the usual path and provide a more real experience.

Camping trek in Nepal

The biggest benefit of a tent trek is the ability to travel on even more distant areas. Teahouses and camping can both be combined.

Perks of a Camping trek in nepal

  • There are more camping trek itineraries to pick from. You are not limited to regions having a lodge network.
  • The opportunity to explore isolated sections of the Himalaya through a camping style trek.
  • Additionally, you can hike the Great Himalaya Trail (GHT) or the traditional circuit trek.
  • On a walk in the form of camping, We are in charge of the cleanliness, meal preparation, and menus.
  • You spend more time with the Nepalese trek crew. you get to know the guides, cooks, and porters extremely well.
  • In comparison to a teahouse trek, a camping trip employs a larger number of trek personnel. This offers employment possibilities and boosts Nepal’s tourism industry.

We will cover the 16 possible camping trek to assist you in choosing the best camping places in Nepal. (Teahouses / Camping combined.)

  1. Kanchenjunga Base Camp To Makalu Base Camp (GHT)
  2. Makalu To Everest Over Three Passes
  3. Naar to Upper Mustang over Teri La
  4. Upper Dolpo to Jomsom GHT
  5. Far West Nepal & Limi valley
  6. Upper Dolpo Treks
  7. Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek
  8. Gauri Shankar Himal
  9. Dudh Kunda Trek
  10. Limi Valley Trek
  11. Lumba Sumba Pass
  12. Panch Pokhari Trek
  13. Ruby Valley
  14. Guerrilla Trek
  15. Sherpani Col Trek
  16. Ganja La Pass

1. Kanchenjunga Base Camp To Makalu Base Camp (GHT)

The Great Himalayan Trail’s (GHT) high path in Nepal’s eastern region.

Explore the trails that stretch the furthest between the third and fifth highest mountain base camps in the world, Kanchenjunga Base Camp and Makalu Base Camp.

The hike also takes in the Sherpa and Kirant cultures while exploring some of the well known sites in the Makalu Barun National Park and Kanchenjunga Conservation Area.

It offers breathtaking views of a variety of mountains, including Mt. Makalu (8485m), Mt. Kanchenjunga (8586m), and many more.

2. Makalu To Everest Over Three Passes

It is situated between Everest and Kanchenjunga : the 1st and 3rd highest mountain in the world.

Three high passes are waiting for the trekkers to cross between the highest peak in the world and the 5th-highest mountain in the world Makalu (8,481 m).

Makalu sits in the distance, waiting for hikers who are willing to push themselves beyond their comfort zones.

3. Naar Phu To Upper Mustang Over Teri La

The Nar Phu Valley and the Forbidden Kingdom of Lo (Upper Mustang) are two of Nepal’s most isolated and restricted locations,

and the Nar Phu to Upper Mustang Trek through Teri-La Pass (5,595m), which is hardly ever hiked.

The descent from Teri La pass has some incline. There is a recent landslide section to traverse that has larger rocks and stones.

Anyone participating in this expedition must walk with proper foot positioning.

4. Upper Dolpo to Jomsom – GHT

Everest and Annapurna are two of the highest peaks in the Upper Dolpo to Jomsom.

Dolpo’s varied geography and dynamic culture make it a great and interesting place to spend time during the monsoon.

The Upper Dolpo to Jomsom Trek leads to a stunning high-altitude panorama and Annapurna from the ethereal Dolpa regions. Five high passes over 5000 meters make this climb challenging.

Mid-West Nepal’s Upper Dolpo to Jomsom GHT trek travels to a remote area of the Himalayas near to the Tibetan border. The Great Himalaya Trail’s Inner Dolpo to Upper Mustang trip crosses several challenging passes.

5. Far West Nepal and Limi valley

Limi Valley is a relatively unknown trekking spot in Humla. Offers two highland passes: Nyalu La (4949 m) and Nara La (4530 m).

Limi Valley Trek takes you to the border between Nepal and Tibet, giving you a taste of both Nepalese and Tibetan culture.

This valley is distinguished by the fact that it has remained unspoiled by modernisation.

6. Upper Dolpo Treks

Western Nepal is also impoverished and underdeveloped. Dolpo’s tourism infrastructure is not what you may expect, and you must tent and carry your own food.

Upper Dolpo trekking is rated difficult. There are difficult ascents, three passes above 5000 meters, and physically exhausting six-hour or longer trekking days.

The upper reaches of this region are considerably more remote and rarely frequented. Permits are expensive, and you cannot walk in Upper Dolpo on your own.

7. Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

The Dhaulagiri Circuit trek is one of the most difficult in Nepal.

It is a tough peak that should only be attempted by trekkers with prior technical and high-level experience trekking at heights above 5,000 meters.

The North East Ridge is the normal route for climbing Dhaulagiri, and it is ascended with three camps above basecamp.

8. Gauri Shankar Himal

The sacred himal Gauri Shankar Himal is named after the Hindu gods Shankar and Gauri (shiva and Parvati).

This hike is great for beginners searching for something different. The Rolwaling Himal’s second highest summit, behind Melungtse (7,181m).

It is a difficult journey that necessitates prior trekking expertise as well as good physical fitness.

The hike will provide trekkers with charming mountain views, a variety of flora and animals, and an affluence of local culture.

9. Dudh Kunda Trek

The Dudh Kunda “Milky Lake” trip is one of the most scenic and quick trek routes in Nepal’s Solukhumbu region.

Both Buddhist and Hindu religions regard this lake as sacred, and you can learn about Himalayan Buddhism at the Thubten Choling and Chiwong monasteries.

This trek provides a superb experience of Himalayan hospitality in the traditional communities along the way.

10. Limi Valley Trek

The Limi Valley is hidden deep within the Himalayas in the highest, most northern, and most isolated “off the beaten path” of Nepal.

Since there is historic tie between Western Nepal and Tibet, this is one of the last places where you can still observe the active Tibetan culture and lifestyle.

Provides more opportunities to view blue sheep in the uncommon and secretive snow leopards.

11. Lumba Sumba Pass

One of the newest trekking routes is the Lumba Sumba pass trek, which connects Kanchenjunga to Makalu and offers the difficult but worthwhile opportunity to go through a remote area of Nepal.

Numerous ethnic groups, including the Limbus, Sherpas, Rai, Gurung, Magars, Newars, and Tamangs, call the Lumba Sumba Trekking route home.

This trek can be made longer by stopping by Kanchenjunga North and/or Makalu Base Camp.

12. Panch Pokhari Trek

The five holy lakes at the foot of Jugal Himal, northeast of Kathmandu, are described to as Panch Pokhari 4,100 meters, a novel and unheard-of term.

The route to these lakes is strenuous and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

Two hiking paths take hikers to Panch Pokhari. From Sano Okhareni, one travels via Chautara.
The alternate path from the village of Bhotang via Melamchi is rather simple and quick.

13. Ruby Valley

One of Nepal’s most picturesque homestay hikes is the Ruby Valley Trek.

Compared to other high-altitude treks in Nepal, it is significantly simpler and shorter, and it offers spectacular views of the Ganesh Himal, Langtang, and Manaslu.

The national flower of Nepal, the rhododendron, as well as numerous other blooms, including pine trees and orchids, can be seen in the backdrop in the Ruby Valley.

14. Guerrilla Trek

One of the newest hiking routes, Guerrilla Trek, travels through the most isolated regions of Nepal’s western Rukum and Rolpa regions.

The trail is known as Guerrilla Trek because it includes Maoist-used trails from the 2006-to-2006 Nepalese Civil War.

Trekkers can view the routes, hideouts, and shelters utilized by guerrillas during the interstate conflict by investigating the guerilla trails (1996-2006).

Fascinating waterfalls, caverns, lakes like Kamala Daha (Lotus lake) and Sun Daha (Gold lake ), as well as the high Himalayas to the north, are the main draws.

15. Sherpani Col Trek

Being one of the toughest Trails, the Sherpani Col Pass trek requires a high level of physical fitness.

The Dudh Koshi River and Arun Valleys are separated from the Everest region by three massive interfluves (the Hidden treasure Trek).

The popular treks to Makalu base camp and Everest base camp are both touched by the Sherpani Col Pass climb.

16. Langtang Ganja La Pass

The Langtang Ganja La Pass Trek, which is situated in the Langtang region northwest of the Kathmandu Valley.

The trek leads you across the ice Ganja La Pass from the crowded trails of the Langtang region to the quiet trails of Helambu (5130m).

Appears to offer peaceful ecosystems, snow-secured high passes, stunning mountain views, historic religious communities, beautiful Langtang and Helambu valleys, and old religious settlements.

Check out one of our mountaineering adventures if you enjoy climbing to higher elevations. You also wish to learn about the well-known Teahouse Trek and Service Trek.

If you need assistance selecting the ideal vacation for you, please contact the mtnepal enquiries team.

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