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Emergency travel document Nepal : If your passport or ID card is lost or stolen in Nepal and you require an emergency travel document quickly, this is how to apply.

What is an emergency travel document Nepal?

An emergency travel document (ETD) is a temporary document that allows you to return home if you are stranded abroad without your passport.

This could be because it has been lost, stolen, or destroyed, has recently expired, or is in the possession of a foreign embassy.

Since 2009, emergency travel documents have been granted. They’re A6 in size and have a blue cover with the words ‘Emergency Passport’ on it.

How to get an emergency travel document?

Step 1: Email the embassy

Email the embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal as soon as possible: Include the following documents and information:

a scan or photo of your lost or stolen passport or ID card. If you don’t have one, submit the following information from your lost or stolen passport or ID card:

  • your full name;
  • your date of birth;
  • the name of the authority that issued the document (mayor of…., ambassador to…..);
  • the date of issue;
  • the telephone number where you can be reached;
  • proof that you cannot postpone your journey, such as a travel itinerary, flight details, other reservations, or a letter from your employer;
  • and your current location.

Step 2: Wait for a response and file a police report

The embassy will ask the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for permission to issue an emergency travel document. This usually takes one to three business days.

If you have not supplied a scan or photo of your lost or stolen passport or ID card, the waiting period may be extended.

If the Ministry grants you permission, the embassy will contact you to explain where and when you can apply for your emergency travel document.

Reporting your passport or ID card as lost or stolen

While you wait for a response, you can notify the local police about the loss or theft of your passport or ID card. This is not required, but it can be beneficial.

If you file a report, request written verification from the police. It may be essential for insurance purposes or to be shown to local authorities.

Step 3: Gather the necessary paperwork

When you fill out your application, please provide the following documents:

  • a passport application form that has been completed;
  • a completed declaration (C2 Form) declaring that the travel document is missing;
  • two passport images that are acceptable.
  • proof that you are a tourist or that you are unable to postpone your trip;
  • if feasible, a photo or scan of the lost or stolen passport or ID card
  • Other identity documents, photographs, or scans of them, if possible;
  • A police record stating that your passport or ID card was lost or stolen, if possible.

Under 18

If the emergency travel document is for a kid under the age of 18, approval from the child’s parent(s) or guardian(s) is required. The candidate must:

  • bring photocopies of their parent(s) or guardian(s)’ passports or ID cards;
  • Obtain signatures from their parent(s)/guardian(s) on the passport application form or fill out an evidence of consent form.

Step 4: Attend your appointment.

The embassy will notify you of your appointment time and location. Bring all of the above-mentioned documents to your appointment. You will pay at the time of the appointment.

A summary of consular fees. You will be informed of the cost of an emergency travel document as well as the payment options allowed.

Once your application has been processed, your lost/ stolen passport or ID card will be marked as invalid globally. As a result, no one will be able to travel on it. If you find your passport or ID card later, you will also be unable to travel on it.

Step 5: Get your emergency travel documents.

When and where you can pick up your document will be determined by the embassy. Keep in mind that the validity period of an emergency travel document is shorter than that of a passport or ID card.

How long does an emergency travel document last?

An emergency passport has a one-year or less validity period and no integrated electronic chip. Some countries may not accept an emergency passport, and you may be refused entrance or denied boarding by airline officials.

Can my application for an emergency travel document be declined?

Yes! If the Ministry of Foreign Affairs determines that you require a new passport or ID card, the process will be delayed. This could occur if, for example, the nation to which you intend to travel does not accept british emergency travel documentation. In that situation, you might have to wait up to four weeks.

Can I claim on my travel insurance for a missing passport?

Most travel insurance policies cover lost or stolen passports, or at the very least the cost of replacing them. If you do happen to lose your passport, your insurance coverage will cover the excess claim fee. This isn’t always the case, so double-check.

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