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India is the seventh largest and second populated federal republic country in the world. 

The main occupation of the people is agriculture but there many big factories and industries which manufactures every type of  products and exports worldwide . India is one of the largest country in the South Asian region . There are 17 major languages and more than 884 dialects and most of the people follow Hinduism . 

Main religions in India is Hinduism and Muslim but there also many religions such as Buddhism , Christians , Sikhs , Jain’s , Pareses too

Hinduism is followed by 80 % of the whole population of the country and Muslim religion is followed 10 % and its climate varies from tropical to monsoon . India occupies total area of 3 ,287 , 590 square kilo meters 

Until 5000 years ago India was full of nomadic forest dwellers when many cultures were in bloom . India is one of the mysterious country in the world . Name of the country ‘ India ‘ was derived from the Indus river and Aryan people worship this river as Sindhu . 

This Sindhu river and valley was the place early settlers . Later Persian invaders converted it as ‘ Hindu ‘ so in early days India was named as ‘ Hindustan ‘ referrers as Land of Hindu people . 

When China Invaded in Tibet in 1947 His Holiness The Dalai Lama Spiritual leader of Tibetan Buddhism escaped and Lived in Dharma Shala in northern India . 

India was ruled by British , later in 1847 it got independence . Hinduism is one of the oldest religion all over the world and it is believed the religion is more than 5000 years old . So India has many major Hindu Temples and sites where you can see the religious activities , beliefs , myths and practices whole year .

On the other hand Dharma shala the places where His holiness Dalai Lama is living , is the major pilgrimage site for the Buddhist people from all over the world , and also for the people who are interested in Buddhism .

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