Nepal is known as the top of the world because of the Mt Everest ( 8848 Meters ) . Eight out of the fourteen highest mountains of the world lies in Nepal similarly all the northern part of the country is occupied by snowy mountains which is natural border in between Nepal and China ( Tibet ) .

So , Mountaineering is one of the most challenging adventure in Nepal and every year many climbers and expedition teams come to try this rewarding adventure to fulfill their dream  . 

Since Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgey Sherpa summited the Mt Everest ( 8848 Meters ) in 29th May 1953 mountaineers from all over the world are inspired for this challenging adventure . Autumn an Spring are the best time for summit mountains 

Climbers must get permission to climb a mountain in Nepal as Nepal Mountaineering Association ( NMA ) provides permission for the mountains below 2200 ft whereas Mountaineering department of the Ministry of Culture , Tourism and Civil Aviation provides permission for the mountains above 2200 ft . 

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