Nepal Activities

Nepal activities

Nepal Activities

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Off Road Tours

Nepal is mountainous country and the landscapes varies from plain lands to high snowy mountains from 60 meters above sea lever to 8848 meters ( Mt Everest ) .  Until the 1950 Nepal had only few roads so to reach from one place to another place ….

so most of the people they used to walk and cross high mountain passes to go from one place to another ……! In the beginning visitors used this kind of trail for trekking activities  and in this way , Annapurna and Everest became popular among the trekkers to Nepal . 

Later on the number of roads began to increase through out the country , in this way there are many dirt roads in the mountains which are very suitable for dirt road driving . Kathmandu to Upper Mustang , Kathmandu to Chitwan National park via Indrasarobar lake , Kathmand to Pathivara temple , Kathmandu to Friendship bridge , East west High way are the best roads for driving trips 


Adventure in Jungle

Adventure in  Jungle ( Jungle Safari Tour) in Nepal are easy and pleasant trips across one of the nine National Parks of the Terai region (lowlands). It is an activity that is suitable to people of all age groups. 

like trekking and hiking , Jungle Safaris trips do not demand any physical fitness as most of the trip is completed on the back of  an elephant or a on a Jeep.Nepal is suitable place for adventure in jungle . Its easy and pleasant along with adventure .

Nepal has established 20 protected ares including 10 national parks 3 wildlife reserves and 6 conservation areas and one hunting reserve .

Eco Tourism

Eco tourism in Nepal is also known as sustainable tourism is one of the different activity which takes  you through remote areas and this is nature based  Tour  to virgin lands of  Nepal .

 The main aim  of Eco tourism in Nepal is to take travelers to the untouched virgin lands of the country and directly benifit locals , protect their culture traditions , protect nature and wild life …..

This Kind of trip is becoming more popular every year as this is real way to explore the country its people nature culture tradition history etc . 

Now a days ‘ Home Stay ‘ Staying in local’s home benefit local people directly 

Religious site Tour

Touring to the religious site of Nepal is also one of the best way to explore Nepal and its practices . Major religions of Nepal are the Buddhism and Hinduism but there are many other religions too such as Jainism , Christians , Islam , Kirats , Sikh , Bon etc in lower percentage . So Nepal also has been popular destination for the pilgrims from all corner of the world . 

Pashupati Nath temple located in the bank of Holy rive called Bagmati in Kathmandu is one of the major site for the Hindu people and in the same way Lumbini the Birth place of Buddha is major religious site for the Buddhist people .

Nepal had no any problems in the name of religion and culture and stayed intermingled with each other in the community and society so its uniqueness attracts to the visitors and offer an excellent opportunity to on observe and explore it . 

There are many belief myths and practices in each community and society of Nepal , Nepal has more than 125 different ethnic groups have different mother language , dresses , traditions and practices so its wonderful and uniqueness of Nepal and people itself

Raft , Kayak and Canoeing

Nepal is home for many world class rivers which offers exciting river rafting kayaking and canoeing adventures . There are various grades of river rafting , kayaking and canoeing trips according your interest .

These trips in Nepal combines beautiful mountain scenery , traditional villages , along with whiter water rapids and its adventure . There are thousands of streams and rivers in Nepal but the Major big rivers are given as in below 

1. Trishuli river 2. Seti river 3. Bhote Koshi river 4. Kali gandaki river 5. Marsyangdi river 6. Sun koshi river 7. Arun river 8. Karnali river 9. Tamur river 


Dhor Patan Hunting Reserve ,  is only one hunting reserve in Nepal where travelers can arrange their hunting trips . This hunting reserve was established in 1987 and covers an area of 1325 square kilo meters . 

This hunting river is expanded with three district called Rukum Myagdi and Baglung in western Nepal . 

This hunting reserve is mostly the house of Blue sheep but other animals are also found in this reserve such as leopard , ghoral , sorrow ,Himalayan black bear , barking deer , wild boar , monkey , hear etc . 

Musk deer , Red panda , wolf are the endangered animals which are also found in this reserve . This hunting reserve also offers the magnificent view of Mt Dhaulagiri and higher mountains of Annapurna mt ranges . Trips

Above the Mountain

Several domestic Airline companies offers Mt. flight to experience and catch the glimpse of sparkling mountain peaks including Mt Everest .

The months of winter from September to April are the best time for the mountain flight as Mt. peaks sparkles clearly and brightly with the snow lakes glaciers equally sparkles with clear water flowing down from the mountains.

The famous Mt flights in Nepal are Flight to Mt Everest , Fly to the Base camp of mountains by helicopter , Fly to the religious destinations such as Pathivara , Muktinath , Mustang , Janakpur etc . 

This is one of the best way to see the Natural landscape from the sky or just land to the base camps of the mountains…This activity is also becoming more popular among those who does not have longer time to explore in Nepal 

Virgin Hidden land

There are still several virgin lands in Nepal which are not explored by travelers and known as Hidden land . Once you set up your trip to those areas you feel like you got back to those days when there no any modern facilities , no wifi , no transportation etc…. People are living on their traditional way  and following their thousands of years old practices . to visit those areas is like to lost and modern world .

You can find some of the places here 


Nepal is climbers paradise as all the northern part of the country is snowy mountains including , which are the natural border in between Nepal and China ( Tibet ) . Eight out of fourteen highest peaks lies in Nepal …as Nepal has thousands of snowy peaks , among them 326 peaks are open for climbers to experience the adventure of climbing . 

Nepal’s climbing history starts from those days when explorers from British India set their foot on virgin snowy peaks of Nepal , and from 1960 Trekking and climbing activities were established as of now there are many trekking and climbing companies arranging this adventure . 

Moutains of Nepal are divided into two different group . Expedition peaks above 6500 meters and Trekking peaks from 5800 meters to 6584 meters . The ministry of Tourism provides the climbing permit for the expedition peaks above 6500 meter and Nepal Mountaineering Association provides permit for the trekking peaks . 


Food and Feast

Nepal has more than 125 different ethnic groups settled in the different part of the country having different cultures , traditions , dress and the practices . Visiting to those areas are also a different flavor of the travel and who wishes to taste different foods , this is different world for them  as the food prepared from one Ethnic group to another is real different .

As there are more than 125 different ethnic groups also they have different festivals and cultures , so Nepal is also known as ‘ Non Stop Festival Country …..Combination of tasting the food and celebrating the festival would be a different experience for the travelers 

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