Religious site

Religious Site Tours

Touring to the religious site of Nepal is also one of the best way to explore Nepal and its practices . Major religions of Nepal are the Buddhism and Hinduism but there are many other religions too such as Jainism , Christians , Islam , Kirats , Sikh , Bon etc in lower percentage . So Nepal also has been popular destination for the pilgrims from all corner of the world . 

Pashupati Nath temple located in the bank of Holy river called Bagmati in Kathmandu is one of the major site for the Hindu people and in the similarly Lumbini the Birth place of Buddha is another major religious site for the Buddhist people . Some of the major religious sites in Nepal are Lumbini , Muktinath , Pathivara , Kalinchok , Barah kshetra ,  Damodar kunda , Gosaikunda etc . 

Nepal had no any problems in the name of religion and culture and stayed intermingled with each other in the community and society so its uniqueness attracts to the visitors and offer an excellent opportunity to on observe and explore it . There are many belief myths and practices in each community and society of Nepal . Further more Nepal has more than 125 different ethnic groups have different mother language , dresses , traditions and practices so its wonderful and uniqueness of Nepal and people itself