Ten Reasons to Visit Nepal

Nepal is known as a trekking paradise, with countless hiking chances for all types of travelers and adventurers. Ten Reasons to Visit Nepal

There are several notable trekking destinations ranging from short and simple to intense adventure, including the Everest Base Camp trip, Annapurna Base Camp trek, Upper Mustang Trek, and Langtang Valley Trek. Explore the Himalayan country like never before here, top ten reasons to visit Nepal.

1. The Beautiful mountains

All the northern part of the country is full of snowy mountains including Mt Everest which is known to be the highest point on earth and popular as ” Roof of the world “.

Eight out of 14 highest mountains lie in Nepal and This part of the country is also a Natural border between Nepal and China ( Tibet ).

So, there are many opportunities for mountain activities such as Hiking, Trekking, Mt Climbing, sliding etc. Of course, Everest Base Camp is one of the major destinations for people from all over the world and known as ” Once in lifetime destination “.

You can find many different kinds of hiking and trekking tours in this region for different age groups, extending from short to long duration.Pokhara and Everest are the major destinations for the trekkers but there are many different non-tourist area treks too.

2. Rest Landscapes

likewise, the rest of the landscapes of the country varies from dry deserts, Hilly region, and Plain lands. If you go behind Annapurna Mt range you will find a different kind of landscapes similar to dry deserts of Arabian countries where you can observe Tibetan Culture and traditions

If you go to the middle part of the country you will find totally different landscapes and cultures. This part of the country is full of green hills includes many different ethnic groups practicing different traditions and cultures.

Likewise, the southern part of the country is full of plain lands further more south you will get a border in between Nepal and India. Similarly, you will find major religious, wildlife, Indigenous destination in this part of the country. This part of the country is very suitable for hiking, religious and cultural tours.

3. Friendly People

As Nepal has more than 125 different ethnic groups having different mother language, culture, tradition, and lifestyle, the country is also known as a non-stop festival country.

Lifestyle and daily life of the People of a different ethnic group living in a different area of Nepal differ which is a unique complex blend of culture and tradition.

while you will be exploring Nepal You will often listen to the word ‘ Namaste ‘. This word represents respect while people meet each other…This is a similar word ‘ hi or hello ‘ in English.

When people do ‘ Namaste ‘ they join palms together and touch the chest which means ‘ I would like to extend greetings from the core of my heart ‘

Another habit of Nepalese people is to speak in a polite way and invite you to join them during their supper. All it shows that the Nepalese people are friendly people which makes you feel ” A home away from your home “.

4. Amazing Wildlife

Nepal is also a home for many different wildlife and vegetations as landscape climatic conditions and altitudes differ from one area to another. The southern part of Nepal ( Terai region ) which is plain lands occupy dense tropical forests and wetlands where travelers can see varieties of animals including one-horned rhinoceros.

Popular National parks such as Chitwan National park, Parsa Wildlife Reserve, Banke National Park, Bardia National Lie in this area. Similarly if you go to the mid-region of Nepal which are green hills (altitude starting from 1100 meters to 3500 meters ) you will find different wildlife and vegetation.

This area is occupied by a hunting reserve and some of the National parks’ where wildlife and vegetation are different from the Terai region.

The northern part raises from 3500 meters to 8848 meters ( Mt Everest ) so you can find very interesting wildlife and the vegetation here. This is the house of popular snow leopard and legendary ” Yeti ” Snow Man claimed to be seen in this region.

Nine out of one hundred and sixty-three globally known wetland is in Nepal. 185 spices of Mammals, 850 spices of birds, Reptiles, Dolphins, Red Panda, Bengali Tiger, and various wildlife can be seen here in Nepal.

5. Adventure Activities

Nepal is a paradise for adventure travel too because its landscape varies from one area to another. The northern part of the country is full of snowy mountains extending 885 km from east to west including the highest point of the earth, Mt Everest. So, this part of the country is suitable for adventure activities such as climbing, trekking, marathon, skiing, and so on.

Similarly the middle part of the country is full of the green hill expanding altitude from 1100 meters to 3500 meters including major rivers of Nepal. So, this part of the country is suitable for hiking, Bungy jumping, zipline, visiting caves, hunting, rafting, and exploring the culture and tradition.

One of the thousand old year practice Shamanism can be observed here in this area.
As the southern part of the country is plain land which is known as the Terai region, full of green tropical forests and wide-open lands for agriculture.

The lowest part of the country lies in this area which is 60 meters above sea level.

This part of the country is suitable for Jungle adventure activities and also possible to observe the tradition and practices of Indigenous people of Nepal.

6. Nepalese Cuisine

Nepal is also a paradise for food lovers. There is plenty of different cuisine in Nepal to try as every ethnic group in Nepal have their method of preparing food. Also, the geographical condition plays a big role in Nepalese cuisine.

Dal Bhat Tarkari is one of the major food of Nepal and belongs to Khas people of mid-hills similarly, further to the north cuisine and culture are influenced by Tibetan culture, because of the cold weather they prefer warm and hot foods such as Thukkpa, soup, strong tea, and alcohols.

In between low land Himalaya, there is one special people called Thakali, and the cuisine prepared by them also very popular which is known as Thakali Dal Bhat. Now this cuisine can find in every major city of Nepal.

Similarly, another major ethnic group is called Newar who is originally from Kathmandu. They are rich in their cultural festival and traditions.

The cuisine prepared by them also one of the delicious cuisines, During one of the major festivals, they prepare 84 different kinds of dishes using different body parts of buffalo.

Lohrung people are indigenous people of east Nepal and ( Tongba ) is a very popular drink prepared by them. Most of the Nepalese people drink this drink during cold weather.

Also, you can find various kinds of cuisine in the southern low land of Nepal which is known as the Terai region. Some of the ethnic and indigenous people from here prepare similar kind of Indian cuisine too.

7. Affordable Traveling

Most of the travelers love to enjoy on limit expenditure which is possible in Nepal. Budget travel gives an opportunity to explore on cheap and local way and on other hand it takes you deep into the society where you get real opportunity to explore and experience. it is also a real way of traveling.

Similarly, Nepal has domestic airlines flying to remote areas and bus services too and wherever these services are not available, you get horse, elephant and yak riding beside that in some of the area local people also provide service of ride on their back .

Riding on local people’s back is one of the old tradition of Nepal as when people get sick or can not walk local people carry them and take to the health post.

so travelers can get one of these transportation service get to destination. Nepal is home away from your home so Nepalese people are always ready for your service .

However Nepal is very small country, since 1970 Nepal has been a paradise for backpackers and budget travelers .

8. Culture and Tradition

Nepal is home for many different religions, cultures, traditions, this is the reason that the life of the people, their practices are also different from one area to another.

Nepalese people are known as brave, honest, and friendly people which attracts many visitors every year in Nepal.

Joining palms together in front of the chest with a smile and say ” Namaste ” is the daily routine of Nepalese people which means ‘ you are welcome from Heart ‘.

While visitors visit their family they always invite you to join their meal and share knowledge, this is the practice from centuries ago, a reason why visitors keep coming to Nepal.

Most of the people’s life Nepal is, men involve in agriculture works and women do the work of their home such as taking care of children, keep animals, prepare food for the family, etc.

Homestay and hiking trips are the best idea to explore people’s daily life in Nepal.

Nepal has many different ethnic groups so practices of their daily life, the celebration of the festivals, food, etc also different. Nepal is also known as a non-stop festival country and they are following these traditions and culture since their ancestor’s time and still in practice.

9. Great Shopping Experience

Nepal is also a paradise for shopping lovers. Every year local people of Nepal produces various kind of handicrafts which is their tradition since the last thousand of years. Handicrafts and craftmanship are unique in Nepal which is also attractive for travelers to Nepal. Production and craftmanship differ from one area to another.

Singing bowls, Thangka paintings, Khukuri (Gurkha knife), Ricepaper products, Beads and jewelry, Golden and silver jewelry, Pashmina Shawls, are some of the products that most of the travelers love to buy.

While you go buy things in Nepal, it is always a good idea to buy in the local market where you get the local price which also benefits the local people. There are many big shops in the major market area too which are the creation of local craftmanship.

10. Nepal once is not enough, always more to see

Non-stop festivals and cultures, different weather conditions, unexplored virgin areas, different indigenous people and ethnic groups, different religious people living together which are major attractions of Nepal.

When people plan a trip first they think about the trip then after they do research and exploring and they go to the dream destination to discover…..!

During the plan and figuring out a trip to Nepal, there is every possibility of your dream that makes Nepal as once is not enough country to travel and always more to see and explore.