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Wild Life & Nature of Nepal

Wildlife and Nature of Nepal

Nepal established 20 protected ares including 10 national parks 3 wildlife reserves and 6 conservation areas and one hunting reserve .

185 species of mammals are found in various parts of Nepal.  Asiatic elephant,  one-horned rhinoceros, the Royal Bengal tiger among others are the leopard, Rhesus monkey, langur, hyena, jackal, wild boar, antelope, wild cat, wolf, sloth bear, chital or spotted deer and barking deer. Wild buffalo locally called “Arna” is found in the Koshi Tappu region. The western Tarai jungles of Suklaphanta and this area is also home to the swamp deer, while the endangered blackbucks are found in the Bardia region.

Nepal has two indigenous species of crocodile: the fish eating gharial with a long narrow snout and the marsh mugger which is omnivorous, eating anything it can catch. A very successful breeding project has brought the gharial back from extinction. Among the snakes found in Nepal there are: cobras, kraits, vipers, the Indian python etc. Other reptiles found in the country are turtles and monitor lizards. Some of these reptiles can be seen in the Chitwan National Park and Bardia National Park. Also Nepal has more than 850 recorded species of birds.


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