Culture & Tradition


Nepal is home for many different religions, cultures, traditions, this is the reason that life of the people , their practices are also different from one area to another. Nepalese people are known as brave, honest and friendly people which attracts many visitors every year in Nepal.

Himalayan Entrepreneur
Himalayan Entrepreneur

Joining palms together in front of chest with smile and say ” Namaste ” is the daily routine of Nepalese people which means ‘ you are welcome from Heart ‘. While visitors visits to their family they always invites you to join their meal and share knowledge , this is the practice from centuries ago , a reason why visitors keeps coming to Nepal.

Most of the people’s life Nepal is , men involve in agriculture works and women do the work of their home such as taking care of children , keep animals , prepare food for family etc.

Home stay and hiking trips is a best idea to explore people’s daily life in Nepal. 


All the ethnic groups and tribes living differently in Nepal practicing their centuries old tradition and culture so food prepared by one ethnic group to another is also different but Dal Bhat is national and well known food of Nepal . Dal Bhat is cooked rice with different vegetables , pickles and lentil soup which most of the Nepalese people eat twice a day.

If you go to the west north of Nepal in Mustang area, you will find a ethnic group called ‘ Thakali ‘ and the Dal Bhat prepared by them is very popular through out the country and now you can see many Thakali Dal Bhat restaurant in City ares of Nepal. If you visit to the northern part of Nepal mostly they grow potatoes so most of the meals are prepared by potatoes and Tibetans food are also popular in this area of Nepal.

Dal Bhat Tarkari

Foods of All southern part of Nepal is similar to Indian foods and they like more spicy foods. Some of the popular foods to try in Nepal are Dal bhat, Chatamari, Samaya baji, Dhindo, gundruk, Momo, Sel roti, Alu Tama, Choila, Dyakula etc.

Popular drinks of Nepal are called Raksi , Chhyang , Tongba , Taadi etc which all are home made ……! Reach us to have wonderful food and drink guide of Nepal.



Nepal is unique hub for various ethnic groups and tribes so that there many different tradition and practices …Some of the major practices and traditions are :–

NWARAN ( Birth name ceromony )

After the 8th days of the birth (for the girls) 9th days ( for the boys ) this ceremony takes place. During the ceremony astrologers determines the name for a child which is necessary for rituals. This ceremony is celebrated according Hindu belief.

PASNI ( Rice feeding ceremony )

After the birth of 5th month ( for girls ) and 6th month ( for boys ) this ceremony is celebrated and this is the first time for the child to feed rice pudding and signifies the next life of the child.

BRATABANDHA ( fasting )

This ceremony is the indication from childhood to adult and without doing this Bratabandha ritual a man can not marry any woman. In Hindu society a boy wears the dress same as one Hindu god called and Ram and in Buddhist society a boy dresses up as a monk . During this ritual a boys head must be shaved.


This ceremony is also one of the major ceremony of Nepalese community . Bel Bibaha ceremony is the indication of marry with wood , apple and marry with Sun . There is also a similar celebration in Newari community which is known as ” Barha ” , during the ceremony a girl must stay in a room for 13 days and not allowed to see the Sun.


This is one of the unique tradition of Nepal, the name of the ceremony Chori bibaha means ( kidnap a girl to Marry ) . This ceremony takes place in Tamang People. During a fair or in a festival girl is kidnapped by a boy and keeps in his home …..If a girl refuses to marry 3 times then the boy must take back the girl to her house.


This celebration takes place when a man or a women gets to a certain age . When a man or woman gets over 77 years this is celebrated and man and woman dresses up like a bride and groom , represents as re marriage and people believe that a man or woman stepped into the stage of god and goddess.


This ceremony takes in highlands of Nepal below some of the part of Himalaya . When a man or woman dies , death body is taken to higher point of the area , after cremation ritual death body is cut into several pieces and throw it into the air and many eagles vultures comes to eat it . After this people believes the soul of death person directly goes to heaven.


This tradition also takes place in some of the area of high Himalaya ( Upper Mustang is well known are for this tradition ) When a woman gets married with a man she becomes wife of all of the brothers of married man …!


Nepal is also known as Non Stop Festival Country as there are more than 125 different ethnic groups. So some where in the country everyday festival takes place and festivals are celebrated in different traditional way relating with the ethnic groups . This kind of traditions are in practices from their ancestors time ….! Some of the Major Festivals of the country are called Dashain, Tihar or Dipawali, Buddha Jayanti, Holy or Fagu, Teej, ShivaRatri, Indra Jatra etc .