Nepal has a diverse geography, along with fertile plains, sub alpine forested hills, and eight out of the world’s 14  highest  mountains, including Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth.

Nepal culturally historical and traditionally rich country as the geographical situation extends from 8848 meters ( Mt. Everest ) to 60 meters above sea level so that visitors can feel the weather of whole world in Nepal .

If you go to the southern part of the country weather is warmer and hot similarly middle part is mild weather likewise northern part is cold and covers all Himalayan ranges .

Because of the Mt Everest 8848 meters , Nepal is also known as ‘ The Roof of the World ‘ furthermore country includes more than 125 different ethnic groups having different mother languages different dresses and different cultures and festivals similarly Nepal is also known as ‘ Non Stop Festival ‘ country .

There is celebration of festival each day in the country furthermore varies many different ethnic groups so that people’s life culture festivals are also differs from one place to another one community to another and from one region to another.

The name of the country ” NEPAL “represents ( N – Never , E – Ending , P – Peace , A – And , L – Love ) Never Ending Peace and Love on other hand you can observe living Goddess ( Real Human )who is known as Kumari ( The virgin Goddess ) .
Selection of Living Goddess is a kind of tradition on practice since the beginning of 18th century in adition its very Interesting to study why a human child is chosen as a goddess and how she is chosen …!

Nepal is land locked country situated in between ( Tibet ) China to the North and India to the south west and east similarly its territory extends about 885 km from east to west and about 135 km to 160 km from north to south on the other hand country occupies the area of 147,181 Sq Kilo meters and divided into 3 different geographical region.

All the northern part of Nepal is occupied by Snowy mountain range including Mt Everest which is natural border in between Nepal and Tibet ( China ). it is known as ‘ Himalayan region ‘ starts from 3500 meters to 8848 meters which is the height of Mt Everest similarly Central region is known as ‘ Hilly Region ‘ which is full of green mountains and extends from 1100 mtrs. to 3500 mtrs .

However Southern part of the country is known as ‘ Terai Region ‘ covering plain lands extending from east to west about 60 mtrs high from sea level ( Lowest part of the country ) to 1100 meters. This region occupies tall grass lands , saal forests and clay swamps . Chitwan National park and Bardia national park lies where travelers can observe wild animal of Nepal.

In conclusion Nepal is one of the best destination to observe history culture tradition and landscape for the visitors to Nepal. 

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One of the world’s great travel destinations. A trekkers’ paradise Nepal offers Himalayan views, trek route with beautiful hill villages, wildlife, golden temples..
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